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Proceeding inductively, the Life Energy (LE), as observed, seems to show that its creative core is higher dimensional, of absolute mind, high energy vibration, and densely packed in the quantum domain.  LE is the prime mover of our universe, but not the multiverse.  As Eastern philosophers and theologians assert, LE is existence, consciousness, and bliss.  It is both immanent, and transcendent.  On the surface, change is constant. At core, LE is an eternal ocean of cosmic energy.  Sigmund Freud called religious feeling “oceanic.”  Alfred Adler derived his concept of primal social energy from the LE (Gemeinschaftsgefuhl).  For C.J. Jung, it is the power behind the archetypes.  Wilhelm Reich called it orgone energy, and found the LE in the function of the orgasm.

For purposes of clarity, we need to be clear that there is unhealthy and healthy spirituality. Unhealthy spirituality is driven by pathogenic mysticism. Internal biological sensations and thoughts that are armored by defenses will be projected onto the environment and treated as actual existing entities. There is repressed sexuality that can only be discharged in perverted ways with various ideological overlays. In healthy and natural spirituality , the cosmic bio-energy in the body has full contact with the cosmic energy in the environment. There is a functional identity that allows creation to be celebrated in sexual intercourse and cosmic creation.

Life Energy theologians are natural scientists and philosophers. We are dealing with a tangible reality that can be measured objectively and felt subjectively. Life energy is subject to experimental protocols. Physics / metaphysics is cosmic energy, and quantum physics. The quantum spiritual energy body survives the death of the biological body as a concrete matter of natural science, not as a matter of wish fulfillment or psychological projection.  It seeks its earthly companions as a matter of action at a distance and quantum entanglement.  That is how we join our loved ones after “death.”

Metaphysical medicine is energy healing by the radiation of curative psychic energy in a precise and direct way from the psychic healer into the patient. See the work of Dr. Richard Blasband at the “Center for Functional Research.”  This psychic energy was called orgone energy by Dr. Reich.  It charges up the quantum spiritual bodies that under-gird the biological body.  It boosts the immune system, and kills cancer cells while also accelerating the healing of cuts and wounds.  Orgone accmulators and blankets can also perform these healing functions in a general way.  The metaphysical healer must be open and relative unarmored to be able to project the healing energy into the patient, and sense the stagnant pools of deadly physic energy residing in the patient, called deadly orgone energy by Dr. Reich (DOR).wilhelm-reich-740x400 (2)

Some physicists now theorize that quantum particle entanglement (what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance”) diminishes with the increase in the number of particles involved. This is may be the cosmic energetic basis for the historical observation that salvation may be gained by the existential individual, but not the collective. The revolution will always be betrayed.

There are many anti-Christs arising in each generation.

Spiritual maturity is attained when the transcendent creation energy fuses with the immanent life energy in functional identity, without distortion or armored blockage.

For the developing science behind the “Religion of Life Energy,” see: “Wilhelm Reich — Selected Writings” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (NY, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1960); “The Source Field Investigations” by David Wilcock (NY, Dutton, 2011).


The greater the bio-spiritual armor we dissolve in ourselves, the fuller will be our cosmic contact, and metaphysical ascension. The need to reincarnate lessens, and ceases. Finally, we merge with the Source of Life Energy, like a river enters the ocean.


“But the universe doesn’t respect the boundaries between different disciplines.  The differences between biology and astronomy and chemistry and so on, these are man-made artifacts of thinking.  I think the whole system is doomed unless one decides that all these barriers are cleared.”  Astrobiologist Chandra Wickramasinghe

Central to “The Religion of the Life Energy” is Christ. We recognize him as an emissary and highly evolved spiritual teacher from an advanced ether / cosmic energy civilization with a sacred dimensional plane bordering the domain of His Father, the God of Life.   He is filled to the brim with cosmic (orgone) healing energy.  This was recognized by Dr. Reich in his books “The Murder of Christ” (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967), and “Contact With Space” (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957). See Reich’s comments on the 1951 movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” This has been supported by recent work done by Erich Von Daniken, Zecharia Sitchin, and many others. Evidence can be found in the Bible itself. The movie is very important on the probable circumstances of Christ’s return. The relevant circumstances of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s interaction with the film are set out in the magazine article “Wilhelm Reich and the Day the Earth Stood Still – A Tall Tale of Spacegun ’54” by Joan d’Arc in “Paranoia – The Conspiracy Reader ” (online 2017). See also, “The Shroud of Turin Speaks For Itself” by Simon Brown and Caspar McCloud (Life Application Ministries, 2013).

Christ came from the most highly developed extraterrestrial civilization arising out of the Cosmic Life Energy.  This is a type IV civilization according to the Kardashev scale. The scale originated with Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev in 1964. The type IV civilization is able to control or use the entire energy and information of the whole visible universe. It is very hard to detect such a civilization, as it would be functionally identical to the natural and spiritual dialectical laws of creation.  Future travelers, as pointed out by hypnotherapist Bruce Goldberg in his groundbreaking work “Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed,’ pages  123-129,  have designated citizens of such an ultimate civilization “Light” people. They are enriched life energy souls with photons and quantum creation particles.  The “Light People” were sent down to incarnate in the most advanced hominids of pre-historic times on earth to transform them into the first fully human beings in order to drive them upward into spiritual evolution.  Such energy was also involved in the birth and resurrection of Christ, and left an imprint on his burial shroud (see “A Quantum Hologram of Christ’s Resurrection?” by Chuck Missler, Google “Konia House”).  The philosopher Hegel called this “Absolute Consciousness.” (See his works “The Phenomenology of Mind,” and “The Science of Logic.” Absolute Mind is not a closed or static ontology.  It is always a new beginning since the Life Energy never stops moving.).  The manner of Christ’s birth and resurrection are cogent evidence of this use of creation energy.    See: “Kardashev scale” (Wikipedia, accessed September 16 2007); “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (NY, Noonday Press, 1967) (Reich himself originated from a type III civilization with the energy and information on the galactic magnitude.  This was acknowledged by Dr. Reich in his last published work “Contact With Space.”  In “Contact….” Reich revealed his identification with the alien emissary Klaatu from the 1951 movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”  Klaatu is depicted as coming from a type III civilization.  Klaatu’s impressive spiritual development is shown as parallel to his technological mastery.).  See also, “Ancient Alien Ancestors,” page 106, by Will Hart (Vermont, Bear & Co., 2017). 

It is a basic functional spiritual law that all living creation has paired antithetical opposites. With the Master Teacher and Healer, Christ, salvation is offered, but also elicited is the evil tempter and destroyer, the Anti-Christ.  The anti-Christ is the concentrated deadly cosmic energy cloud that was sent to interfere, from a parallel negative dimension, with Life’s creation of the healthy and joyful humanity in a new expansion of the Godhead of Life. Now Christ is sent down to salvage souls from the damaged creation of humanity and earth. He arrives to find the anti-Christ ready to nullify his efforts to free souls from the hellish death zones.  Other Davidic souls follow to wage the struggle for salvation against the agents of the Anti-Christ from highly developed ant-life (deadly orgone energy) civilizations. 

The Kardashev scale applies to the extraterrestrial deadly orgone energy civilizations with the highest and most destructive containing the Anti-Christ.  They are the antithetical paired opposites of the life affirmative Kardashev scaled civilizations.



The writings here posted are dedicated to Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957). He was a natural scientist, psychiatrist, philosopher, and the inventor of a new multidisciplinary science he called Orgonomy.

It is in the following spirit that this work is dedicated to him.

“FRIEND: Dr. Reich, you have been expelled from both the International Psychoanalytic Association, and the Communist Party. What will you do now?
“DR. REICH: I will continue!”

“To have created lovely children, to have lived their first grasping, laughing, walking, singing — meant to have known THE GREAT LORD, to have felt his magnificent manifestation.”
From “Where’s The Truth? Letters and Journals, 1948-1957,” by Wilhelm Reich, page 244 (N.Y., Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2012).



Life-affirmative Ether Civilizations are self-regulating anarchist communes. There are no economic classes, and institutions. Such phenomena are sure signs of exploitation and demonic rule.  Capitalism is a very pathogenic, predatory and demonic social system now on the verge of collapse. It needs to be exorcised from the earth as the current Babylon.  The death drive did not originate with capitalism, but it is an age-old spiritual disease that has plagued humanity from the start of recorded history.  Satan rules all power pathological secular Kingdoms,  The tumor is now expressed as “globalism!”  It will be defeated by the indomitable forces of Eros.  Watch the sky!


Theology is a science. There are no dogmas or priestly hierarchies. There is only continuous construct revision as new truth reveals itself. The way to mystical truth can be long and hard, or sudden. It can come to anyone, anywhere, and in its own time. Truth dies when it is institutionalized and “leaders” emerge.

What humanity has known as “God” is functionally equivalent to living intelligent cosmic life energy. All else, in various forms and derivations, stems from this.  This is absolute ontology and epistemology.  The function of Creation is a secondary development.

We will know the metaphysical truths, when we surrender to the spiritual higher powers. and let go of the hubris that we can know without them. We will, if we prepare ourselves spiritually,be told what we need to know when we meet our loved ones and spiritual guides after death, as we emerge from the cosmic tunnel into the preternatural light. Too much intellectualism kills contact with truth.

Aldous Huxley, in his books “The Doors of Perception,” and “Heaven and Hell” (N.Y., Harper, 2009), talks of psychedelically or physically induced self-transcendence, This can be described In the lexicon of orgonomy, and other Reich inspired bio-energetic therapies, as a  temporary dissolution of spiritual and bio-psychological armor resulting in sharpened perceptions and cosmic contact. Huxley mentions various physical ways of altering the blood chemistry to bring on expansion. I would add that it can give a glimpse of life on the metaphysical ether planes. Although Huxley was well aware of the phenomenon of the “bad trip,” he fails to provide important safeguards. The substance must be legally obtained and of good quality, and a licensed spiritually or therapeutically trained / experienced guide should be present.


The greatest scientific discovery in history was made by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in 1951 when he performed “The Oranur Experiment” at his compound and laboratories at Orgonon, Rangeley, Maine. The experiment united all branches of human knowledge, including theology. At that time, Dr. Reich felt very alone with the implications of the results. As he said on a taped monologue, produced and titled “Alone” by the WR Museum, Reich thought that not a single solitary soul understood it in his circle of friends and co-workers. He felt not only that nobody understood its revolutionary implications, but nobody was really “with him” in this understanding. This is our task. If we don’t, or can’t, do it, the enemies of life, love, and humanity will destroy all civilization. A new Dark Age will descend and destroy all life on earth.

The writings on this Blog explore this breakthrough from physics to metaphysics, and beyond to the crucible where creation and destruction, like two weary and aging pugilists, circle each other looking for the knockout blow. Who will prevail: Eros or the Death Instinct?  It is fitting, and consistent with the rest of his life, that Dr. Reich’s last manuscript, “Creation or Destruction?” was never found after his death in prison among his effects.


Introductory quotations from Dr. Wilhelm Reich: 

“The quest for knowledge expresses desperate attempts, at times, on the part of the orgone energy within the living organism to comprehend itself, to become conscious of itself. And in understanding its own ways and means of being, it learns to understand the cosmic orgone energy ocean that surrounds the surging and searching emotions.

“…Since the ‘self’ is only a bit of organized cosmic orgone energy, this full self-awareness is, seen from a deeper perspective, a step in the functional development of the cosmic orgone energy itself….

“Thus, in an ultimate sense, in self-awareness and in the striving for the perfection of knowledge and full integration of one’s bio-functions, the cosmic orgone energy becomes aware of itself. In this becoming aware of itself, knowing about itself, growing into consciousness of itself, what is called ‘human destiny” is taken out of the realm of mysticism and metaphysics. It becomes a reality of cosmic dimensions, which merges understandably with all great philosophies and religions of and about man.”

See “Ether, God And Devil / Cosmic Superimposition,” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, pages 279-280 (N.Y, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1973). Cf., “The Synchronicity Key, ” by David Wilcock, pages 163-197 (N.Y., Dutton, 2016).

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“I am leaving now. You’ll forgive me if I speak bluntly. The universe grows smaller every day and the threat of aggression by one group anywhere can no longer be tolerated. There must be security for all or no one is secure. This does not mean giving up freedom, except the freedom to act irresponsibly. Your ancestors knew this when they made laws to govern themselves and hired policemen to enforce them. We of the other planets have long accepted this principle. We have an organization for the mutual protection of all planets and for the complete elimination of aggression. The test of any such higher authority is of course the police force that supports it. For our policemen, we have created a race of robots. Their function is to patrol the planets in spaceships like this one and preserve peace. In matters of aggression we have given them complete power over us. This power cannot be revoked. At the first sign of violence, they act automatically against the aggressor. The penalty for provoking their action is too terrible to risk.
The result is that we live in peace without arms, secure in the knowledge that we are free from aggression and war. Free to pursue more profitable enterprises. We do not pretend to have achieved perfection, but we do have a system and it works. I came here to give you these facts. It’s no concern of ours how you run your own planet, but if you threaten to extend your violence, this earth of yours will be reduced to a burned-out cinder. Your choice is simple, join us and live in peace or pursue your present course and face obliteration. We shall be waiting for your answer. The decision rests with you.”
Klaatu, Alien Emissary.
From the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (20th Century Fox, 1951).

“On March 20, 1956, 10 p.m.. a thought of a very remote possibility entered my mind, which, I fear, will never leave me again: Am I a Spaceman? Do I belong to a new race on earth, bred by men from outer space in embraces with earth woman?  Are my children offspring of the of the first interplanetary race?  Has the melting-pot of all interplanetary society already been created on our planet, as the melting-pot of all earth nations was established in the U.S.A. 190 years ago ?  Or does this thought relate to things to come in the future?  I request my right and privilege to have such thoughts, and to ask such questions, without being threatened to be jailed by any administrative agency of society.”

Dr. Wilhelm Reich, from his book “Contact With Space,” page 1 (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957).


A fellow inmate of Dr. Reich, the day before Reich died, reported that he had been observing the sky intently above the prison yard.  Suddenly, gleaming cigar shaped UFOs were seen.  Reich said:”See them!  They are coming for me.”  The following morning, November 3, 1957, he “died.”

The “Life Energy Metaphysical Defense Force” is inherently a revolutionary vital spark for the salvation of the life function on earth, and removal of the truly alive and decent to a higher dimension. Humanity is rapidly losing the capacity to save itself. For this reason, we need to become a revolutionary UFO contact group. NT Scripture, in “Revelation,” is very clear on that. An extraterrestrial messianic UFO force is on the way. Prepare for it by prayer and meditation. Watch the sky! One of the main canonical resources for “The Theology of the Life Energy”  [posted below on this blog] is the 2008 version of the film “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Yeshua, the Messiah, will take off the earth those who are spiritually clean. That is why it is so important that we make ourselves fit vessels for salvation. See also, “Knowing” with Nicolas Cage (DVD FILM, Summit, 2009). This film is on the same theme of the apocalypse, and in addition salvation for the children of the future. It is more explicitly theological than “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”

Starting with the testing of nuclear weapons, prior to their first use in WW II, metaphysical portals were ripped open in the fabric of space /time. Through these gateways from the hellish dimensions, flowed the demonic psychic energies that Dr. Wilhelm Reich called deadly orgone energy (DOR). As the testing and storage of these weapons increased, unprecedented numbers of UFOs appeared in the sky world-wide, particularly over nuclear facilities. The clock of the end-time was triggered and started to click. We are now 1 minute before mid-night. See “The Oranur Experiment” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich.  Nagasakibomb (1)

Be warned!  Not all aliens and UFOs are life-affirmative.  Some are evil, and life-negative agents of demonic energy.    See my writings on this blog below under “The Theology of the Life Energy.”  Verification of my hypothesis that evil originated in another Universe (a theory reportedly held by novelist Norman Mailer) was given on the coast-to-coast radio show broadcast in NYC on May 18th, 2017, on WOR 710 AM between 1 AM-5 AM. It can be found in the archives of the show. Tom and Elise Gifford were involved in the “Mojave Incident” where they observed UFOs and were abducted by metaphysical aliens who radiated evil and examined their minds and emotions. Dr. Wilhelm Reich thought evil UFOs were responsible for desert development on earth. See his book “Contact With Space.” The couple was comforted by an Angelic presence. Their story is told by writer Ron Felber. The religious and cosmic implications are obvious.

It is necessary to remind ourselves, as warriors for life to protect the life energy, that we are now faced with much more than a conventional major war between power blocks, or rival imperialist .alliances to seize economic advantages by force. We are confronted by a clash between civilizations of life and civilizations of death. At this point, only extraterrestrial intervention via metaphysical / physical UFOs from our life-positive ether civilizations can save any of us. Meeting this reality preoccupied Dr. Reich during the last three years of his work life. The “space gun,” invented during this period to disable UFO’s from death civilizations, was one concrete result.The conflict is serious, deadly, and both planetary and interplanetary. It is much worse today than during Reich’s day, because of pervasive mass mind control.

Civilizations die not because they don’t manufacture enough weapons, or fail to produce ever increasing returns in the stock market. They die and collapse from within and without, when their cohesive spiritual vitality, and gemeinschaftsgefuhl (social feeling), disintegrate into class conflict, and lack of state legitimacy.  Then, any external shock from life-negative barbarians will topple them. By this definition, Western Civilization, and its life-affirmative values, is on the brink of suicide.  This is greatly aided by post-modern liberalism with its failure to distinguish between spiritual health and spiritual pathology.  If we fight the demonic forces, this result is not inevitable,  But time is running short.

My research leads me to believe that not all individuals reincarnate. The spiritual laws governing the process are not fully understood, even after thousands of years of spiritual exploration by priests, pastors, theologians, and occult scientists (both East and West). I feel reasonably certain that it is the earth attachments that may remain that will pull the spiritual body back into incarnation. On the larger issue of salvation, there is now on the way to earth a Messianic UFO fleet under the direction of Jesus and supported by Archangel Michael. Jesus will save and remove from the earth those who can be salvaged. See the NT Book of Revelation. In the last 75 years, since the use and detonation of atomic bombs, metaphysical portals have been opened that have let demonic entities and energies flood the earth. We now may have less than 3 years to survive.   [I express the designations “Jesus” and “Archangel Michael” to use the common anthropomorphic descriptions to designate these highly life-affirmative spiritual / psychic (orgone) energy metaphysical powers.]

Our purpose, as “Life Energy Souls” or to use the more philosophic term, “Ether Spiritual Energy Monads,” is to be the vanguard of the spread of the Life Energy throughout the multiverses. If any soul is damaged by anti-life forces in the course of this existential mission, that soul will receive spiritual psychotherapy, and be relieved from the necessity to reincarnate.  Instead, that person will remain in the cosmic life energy cloud and work, in the Celestial Academy, on ascension to the Godhead.

Overcoming evil with sheer courage, makes a spiritual energy body more ultimately valuable than those who never ate the forbidden fruit.  It is a form of spiritual homeopathy that makes progress to the “Source of the Life Energy’ that much faster and wiser.  As the philosopher Nietzsche once said: “That which does not kill me makes me stronger.”   That is why the ontology becomes more vivid and real, as we ascend. The particular eventually merges with the Universal. It is then outside the space / time continuum.


Those of us with clean character structures and spiritual decency, will be taken aboard the cosmic UFO Arks and removed from the earth hell.  We will be flown to the higher ether civilizations where we can continue to work on ascension to the Source of the Life Energy. The key to these Higher Ether Civilizations rotating around the Absolute Source of the Life Energy can be found in Teilhard de Chardin’s concept of the mystical body of Christ, and will be the subject of a separate essay in this compilation of writings.  The Demonic powers from an evil cosmic ether civilization, who interfered in the life creation on the earth by imprisoning it spiritual armor shells, will be destroyed.  Those linked at the subatomic energy vibrations of love and empathy, like entangled subatomic particles, will always be energetically connected in eternity, beyond space and time.  Spread the good news!

It is possible to visit loved ones, mentors, spiritual guides and teachers in the metaphysical ether civilizations by a method known to the old Jewish Kabbalists as “travel in the astral / chariot vehicle.”  See “Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism” by Gershom Scholem (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1955).  See also, “Stairway to Heaven ” by Peter Levinda (N.Y., continuum, 2008).  The adapt learns to project the subatomic spiritual energy body out into the higher metaphysical civilizations by raising its vibration and lodging it in a crystalline chariot carrier.  In most cases, visits and communications are short and take place in the entrance to the metaphysical plane.  Advanced researchers my be allowed to stay longer with their “Maggids” or teachers for study purposes.

TeilhardP_1947 (2)

Until such time as this plan is carried out, we must stay in Archetypal Warrior Mode and fight the anti-life forces wherever they exist, enslaving humanity under elite dominated class societies [See the work of Trotskyist Juan R. Posadas, “ ‘Flying Saucers’, The Process of Matter and Energy, Science, the Class and Revolutionary Struggle and the Socialist Future of Humanity,” Red Flag Newspaper (June 25, 1969). See also, the work of Sitchin, Zecharia, The 12th Planet (N.Y., Harper Collins, 2007).]   Remember, all secular states, under cover of whatever rationalizing ideological mask they may present, are under the power of Satan.  The Devil told Jesus this directly in the desert.  “Satan” is the supreme leader of a demonic extraterrestrial race that interfered with the creation of humanity and through genetic manipulation created a slave race out of humanity.  Liberation from this curse will be provided by Christ, Supreme Leader of the life-affirmative extraterrestrials, who are coming back as per the NT Book of Revelation,  This is natural science and is real as a rock,


Theology is the seamless web of all the arts and sciences.  It is the common functioning principle, and unified knowledge, discovered to exist by Hermes and other sages of the most ancient civilizations, both East and West. It brought the oldest law codes, such as the 10 Commandments and the Codes of Sumeria,  into existence and thus made settled civilizations possible.  What follows below is the higher metaphysics that makes physics and natural law possible.  It is energy before atomic matter.  Energy after matter is entropic, and can be radioactive.  Energy before matter is neg-entropic and expansive.   It is dialectical and of a spiral nature.  Cosmic superimposition, from subatomic particles to galaxies, fuels spiral dialectical development, both objectively and subjectively ( as Hegel demonstrated).  The old Hermetic axiom, “as above, so below” is still operative.

Humans were created by the “Godhead” of Life Energy to dwell with Him/Her in the metaphysical ether dimensions for eternity. These higher dimensions are real, and based on the higher density and vibrations of cosmic energy.  The Life Energy Source, a nodal high vibration / density conduit into our universe, is entirely natural, but so limited by our low vibration “armored” consciousness on earth that humanity has considered the Source ” supernatural.”  We were given free will and developmental consciousness in order to help the Life Energy expand throughout the multiverse. Cosmologists tell us that this expansion is picking up speed. Humans, by their free will and intelligence, were made vulnerable to radioactive demonic influences.  See “The Oranur Experiment” by Dr, Wilhelm Reich (Maine, Orgone Institute, 1951).   Thus, some were contaminated, and deviated from spiritual law. At that moment, the Source of Life ejected them from the life affirmative ether civilizations.  Death was born. God sent Yeshua (Jesus) to heal and salvage those souls that could be reached and brought back to the circle of the God of the Life. Energy.   Yeshua, by His resurrection from death, negated the negation, and offered His disciples and followers eternal life. The redeemed spiritual energy souls could then use their gifts, as God intended, to help life dance in the company of loved ones and continue to develop in conformance with spiritual law for eternity. All is living mass-free cosmic energy and consciousness.

The “Big Bang” creation singularity posted living energy codes along the ever expanding margins of the Universe.  These codes, similar to cellular DNA but on a cosmic level, projected holographs of our spiritual energy souls into the ether civilizations.   In point of fact, we are eternal drops of the ocean of cosmic energy and consciousness.   Ordinary atomic matter constitutes 4.9% of the Universe.  68.3% is made up of “Dark Energy”, and the remaining 26.8%   is “Dark Matter.”  The reality visible to us is only 4.9% of the cosmos.  We are living on the very tip of a deep iceberg.  See Laszlo, Ervin , & Peake, Anthony, The Immortal Mind  (Vermont, Inner Traditions, 2014).

To put this philosophically, we are cells in the “Absolute Mind” of God that is ever-expanding energetic consciousness in a spiral to infinity.  As Hegel knew, an all inclusive dialectical logic guides this development both spiritually and materially.  We are part of the self-comprehension of Life Energy.

Objections: There are many reasons that people reject God and the higher life affirmative spiritual powers. The rejection can be distilled into two main premises: (1) the actions of God do not conform to human logic and general understanding in many specific events (as the Source of the Life Energy stated in scripture: “my ways are not your ways.”), and (2) the Godhead of Life is supposed to be omnipotent, and yet He/Her lets cruelty and heartbreaking destruction exist down through the ages.

Answer: (1) the higher logic and knowledge of God’s actions are, apart from existential revelation and mystical experience to a few fortunate theologians and others concerning specific events or issues, so far beyond human comprehension as to be incomprehensible, and (2) although the God of Life is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent within this universe over his creation, the Source of the Life Energy is not omnipotent in all Universes. There are other Spiritual Sources, both good and evil, of energy and intelligence in the infinite multiverse.  It was from one of these other universes that the Enemy of Life infiltrated our own universe, giving rise to an ongoing spiritual war between good and evil, life against anti-life. and the religions of life against the religions of death.  The ancient Gnostic Christians, and the medieval Master Jewish Kabbalist, Rabbi Luria, knew all this.   See: Jonas, Hans, The Gnostic Religion (Boston, Beacon Press, 1963); Scholem, Gershom, Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism (N.Y, Schocken Books, 1995).

It is of key importance to keep in mind that metaphysics is a science as real as physics. We are dealing with higher realities.  That is all.  In fact, physics is rooted in metaphysics.  The psychic technology is being developed that will make travel to the higher spiritual dimensions possible (including the after-life dimensions), at will, for humans pursuing spiritual exploration and development.  This technology fuses physics and metaphysics.  An example of a functional spiritual transport is shown in the science fiction movie “Contact” (Warner Bros, 1997).  Many so-called “UFOs” belong to this type of psychic technology.  See the movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still” (20th Century Fox, 1951).  The natural scientist and psychiatrist, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, made the breakthrough discovery of the relationship between physics and metaphysics in his “Oranur Experiment ” (Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1951).  Dr. Reich pictured below in his lab at Orgonon, Maine.


Some prototypes of psychic devices, using a functional fusion of physics and metaphysics, are: dowsing rods; electronic voices of spiritual energy souls in the afterlife dimension captured on audio or video tape; orgone energy accumulators for healing purposes; radionic healing devices; medical deadly orgone energy busters to drain stagnant bio-energy from the tissues of the body; psychic healing; cloud busters to manipulate the weather; and UFOs.

NDE’s (near death experiences) indicate that as the spiritual body leaves the biological husk it can ascend up closer and closer to the Source of the Life Energy, or Godhead, and gain greater ontological validity. The persons who have experienced this describe the afterlife as being “more real’ than life on earth. This is consistent with ether physics which discovered that the ascent results in higher and higher vibrations and greater and greater density until the Source is reached.

Einstein-Rosen Rainbow-Bridge-Antahkarana-worm-hole


“One of the original branches of theology, angelology is achieved in the person of the angelologist, whose expertise includes both the theoretical study of angelic systems and their prophetic execution through human history.” From “Angelopolis,” a novel by Danielle Trussoni (N.Y., Penguin Books, 2013).

“In fact, these heavenly beings are observing the great spiritual battle that rages around the spreading of the gospel. Satan’s forces are arrayed to block, confound, or muddle the good news of Jesus Christ in any way possible. The forces of the Lord are dedicated to stopping their efforts.  This brings us to one of the most prominently featured aspects of angelic behavior. They are the ‘hosts of heaven,’ God’s powerful army. Often, they are seen in the act of destroying the enemies of Israel, At such times, they are capable of materializing in our universe with devastating effect upon human forces.”  From  “Time Travelers of the Bible,” pages 62-63, by Gary Stearman (Missouri, Defender, 2011).

What the old theologians called “Angels” have no matter. They are composed of mass-free intelligent life energy projected for specific functions from the Absolute Mind of God. They are charges of psychic energy sent to discharge the missions ordained by God. Without atomic matter, they have no spiritual armor, and can experience freely fluid movement.  They do not normally, therefore, under the influence of God’s life energy rays, accumulate evil impulses with stagnant demonic energies built up through non-discharge.  The “devil’s” case was different due to one part of his high intellect splitting off to block his energy. and sending it into deviation from God’s spiritual laws.  See  “Wilhelm Reich Selected Writings” (N.Y., Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1960); “On The Angels” by Thomas Aquinas (Fathers of the English Dominican Province, 2015). They are real, as many will attest to from personal interactions with them.

In an Angel there is no permanent matter or static being. They were created by God for a specific function. Angels are pure mass-free psychic function. In order to facilitate communication with humans, they temporarily form bodies by building quantum particles and then atomic structure.  Fallen Angels have anti-life functions, and give off killing radiation (deadly orgone energy),  as per “The Oranur Experiment” conducted by natural scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich in 1951.  See  “Wilhelm Reich Selected Writings,” Orgone Physics, pages 351-431 (N.Y., Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1960).

The closer an Angel is to the Godhead and Source of Life Energy, in the Celestial Hierarchy, the more free-will and intelligence it has. This is the functional logic of life. Mirror reflects mirror.

Angels were created by the God of Life as pure high-powered intellect. They are unique psychic energy archetypes designed to discharge various functions on behalf of God as his messengers and, if necessary, his armed forces.

After the Jewish Kingdom was conquered by Babylon, God increased his use of angelic forces. These special armed forces, lead by General Archangel Michael (depicted below), will soon be back on earth in large numbers to defeat the Anti-Christ and his religions of death (i.e., Islamic fascism).  A sign of the coming of the Messianic angels will be a fleet of metaphysical UFOs.



An exorcist, or doctor of demonology, must of necessity be a highly trained angelolgist. They are dealing with dark or fallen angels that have infested a human with deadly psychic energy. The use of spiritual countermeasures, including psychotropic technology, such as the Medical DOR-Buster, invented by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, must be used, along the help of the pure angels and prayer, to drain out this infestation. The exorcist must be bio-psychologically clean, or they risk contagious infection. A sample of blood from the sick person, examined under a microscope, may show cellular disintegration into amoeba-like red cells with a narrow energy field around them.

St._Francis_Borgia_Helping_a_Dying_Impenitent_by_Goya (2)

Once we accept the salvation of Yeshua, and are free from the prison of the spiritual armor of the earth, the primal ether body of Adam is released in us. We are “born again,” open and soft, “Angelic,” without the deadly social forces of the Devil pressing us into a contracted tank of stagnant psychic energy. We have the fluid mobility of the pure life-affirmative angels, and, along with our saved loved ones, can rejoin the ever expanding Godhead of Life. The exile from the true God has ended. As our individualized soul core emerges, eternal and infinite life surrounds us, and we are open to the bliss of exploration, love, work, and knowledge. True life starts after this spiritual liberation. Death on the earth means life eternal. Death is not a door that closes, it is a door that opens. The only thing that dies is our prison cell. As philosopher and novelist Henry Miller once said:”Why be afraid of death? It could be the start of a great adventure. Don’t you know?” It is when you are spiritually prepared for it.

“This, then, is what I have to say regarding the sacred representations.  Perhaps it falls a good deal short of making everything clear.  Nevertheless I believe it will keep us from the wretchedness of being stuck in the fictional appearances.  Perhaps it may also be objected that I have not mentioned all the powers, all the acts and all the images referred to by scripture in regard to the angels.  This is true.  But in leaving certain things out, it was in recognition of the fact that I am at a loss when it comes to understanding their  transcendent reality.  What I really needed was the light of a guide to these.  The omission of matters similar to those with which I have been dealing may be explained by a twofold concern of mine, not to overextend my discourse and to honor in respectful silence the hidden things which are beyond me.” – Pseudo-Dionysius



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